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There's a reason why all the Pro's like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are chewing C B D gum.

It's because it works. Not only does it help relieve pain, anxiety, and inflammation but it can actually help increase focus.

"Not only does C B D calm any nerves in competitive play, it also eases any aches and pains a golfer might endure throughout a given tournament."

-Brendan Bures

This is a no-brainer for every golf player who wants to perform at their best. It's time you take your game to the next level.


Joint & Muscle Pain Relief

Made in the USA

100% Legal - PGA & WADA Approved

THC Free - Won't Fail a Drug Test


Benefits of C B D Gum:

  • More convenient over pills, capsules and liquids
  • Discrete and readily available
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Helps soothe general aches & pains
  • Fast Absorption - faster absorption then gummies and lotions
  • Consumer friendly
  • For the 40% of people who do not like swallowing any type of pill


Will this get me high? Will I fail a drug test?

No, our VIB products are derived from a hemp genetic and contain zero THC, so no intoxicating effects are associated with them.

How many pieces should I take?

Most golfers chew 2-3 pieces each time they play. They normally chew on a new piece every 30-45 minutes.


Is this allowed at golf tournaments?

Yes. WADA and PGA tour have ruled that athletes can use C B D and they do not consider the substance performance-enhancing.

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This is hands down the best gum for

- Kirstin Bull

They are perfect

Pairing is quick an easy, I use these every single day.

- Ashleigh Moon

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